The Unique has always offered personalized experiences, based on the union of the elements, the union of people. It is not a hotel – it is the Unique. Being in São Paulo, at the Unique, makes the whole difference.





We missed you, and are happy to be back. During the past months, we were preparing ourselves to welcome you with all the necessary extra care, so that your experience remains as unforgettable and unique to your senses as it was before. A rigid and detailed safety protocol was made, following all guidelines established by competent health authorities.




We do not have regular hotel guests; instead, we treat everyone as real guests to our home, welcoming them by their names. We are entitled to knowing them, and want them to know us. True relationships are based on exchanging experiences.




Therefore, we’d like to share a few orientations with you:


We want to, and we love to smile. This is why we’re here. But, for now, we’ll have to smile with our eyes, since you can see them even though we will be wearing a mask. Those are mandatory while in all public areas – to you, and to us.


All areas in the hotel offer gel alcohol sanitizers.


OK, it will take a little longer, but it is necessary. In all elevators, only one person or a party staying in the same guest room are allowed at a time.


We will remain together because we want to be here, but separated at a distance during any actions performed.


Should it be necessary to go to your guestroom, we will wear safety equipment such as masks, gloves, a cap and shoe protection.


At this moment, we are offering stays using our restricted stay protocol, to ensure your safety. Therefore, room cleaning and turndown service are done upon request only, and we kindly ask for you to be out of the room while our highly trained team works.


The air conditioning systems in the rooms and other areas are sanitized daily, as requested by local health authorities.


Our iconic Body & Soul Fitness Center is open daily from 7am – 9pm, but you must schedule a time at the front desk in order to use it.


São Paulo’s most famous skyline view, which can be admired from the pool deck or while you are enjoying our famous red pool, is there to be seen. However, everyone must respect social distancing between tables and sun loungers. Think of the bright side: Skye will almost be exclusive for you.


Skye’s cosmopolitan gastronomy, a work by our chef Emmanuel Bassoleil, is there to be tasted. Table setting is done when guests are accomodated, and the menu will be available via a QR Code. All meals are served under the strict ISO-22000 food safety standards.




Chill out!

Our new protocols include constant & deep cleaning of all hotel facilities with more attention to high-touch areas. We are using specific products approved by the Brazilian Health Agency (ANVISA) to disinfect surfaces.




The cleanliness of our hotel has always been one of our standing pillars of quality, and now, even more. Our new mantra is “para cada ação, higienização”, a rhyme in Portuguese which freely translates to “for each action taken, a cleaning step”.


We are at your disposal to tell you everything with more details.




In here, those with a good soul are welcome

by Jonas Siaulys




Count on us!

Take care of us, and we will take even more care of you!