Skye Restaurant and bar is commanded by Chef Emmanuel Bassoleil. Originally hailing from the gastronomic city of Dijon, France, Emmanuel Bassoleil has always understood good food and good wine.

Emmanuel Bassoleil today is the Executive Chef of Hotel Unique and Skye Restaurant, where he is constantly transforming palates. Inspired by the diversity and lifestyle found in São Paulo, Chef Emmanuel Bassoleil serves up an eclectic menu with Brazilian, French, Italian and Japanese offerings, complemented by a superb drinks list.


Aware of the sustainable development mission and seeking to be increasingly in agreement with environmental policies, Unique Hotel is committed to using – in all preparations – eggs that are solely from cage free hens and pork protein from sow matrices that are not confined to farrowing crates, being the pioneer in the segment to assume the commitment of swine animal welfare.

The complete transition of the animal welfare policy of the chickens will take place by 2025 and of the swines by 2026, with the progress of our commitment being reported annually.