A new way of being together


As of yesterday, Friday 27 March, we have decided to temporarily put a pause to our operations.
This followed from a WHO (World Health Organization announcement on the 25th March, urging governments to take serious steps to allay the crisis.
Many Presidents and Prime Ministers around the world have asked all citizens to stay at home, self-isolate and stay away from work for their own safety and of those around them.
Our number one priority is to protect our Unique Family; every customer and every contributor.
Initialy, we are planning ourselves to resume activities by the end of May, although we´ll keep you posted all the way.
We truly believe that as a Family we should remain together but due to the circumstances, we’ll have to stay together in a new and very different way.
Soon, we hope, we’ll be celebrating being back together again with laughs and good times, in our secret spot, where (as we allways say) a place for you not to feel at home.

We can’t wait!











Service, gastronomy and privileged location are brought to Hotel Unique in Sao Paulo to offer your guests an enhanced experience at any occasion, from small meetings to big events such as get-together parties, fairs and workshops up to 800 people in a 21.527 square feet space.


227_Hotel Unique_Skye_Pool

Dive into an exciting experience to your senses, where design meets comfort to provide good memories from the beginning to the end of your stay. Have fun, rest and relax in the room, at the spa room, at the water slide or in the rooftop pool, known worldwide for display a unique view over Sao Paulo.



A special date needs to be thought out in detail, with all the luxury and sophistication that the occasion demands. From the “Bride’s Day” to the party’s venue, customized menu by Chef Emmanuel Bassoleil and the wedding night, Hotel Unique provides the framework needed to transform a fairy tale in a unique and unforgettable experience.